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Studio 60 Actually Made Me Cry Tonight

Studio 60 Canceled

I’m so pissed that they’re canceling this show. Care to reconsider, NBC?

Look, I love Tina Fey and 30 Rock as much as the next guy; it’s well-written, engaging and funny, just in a different way. As much shit as I give him, I love Aaron Sorkin’s work, both on crack and off; his characters say things that need to be said, and his storytelling and dialogue are almost incomparably brilliant. I suppose with some coaxing I can stomach a world where Paris Hilton can buy her way out of jail, but I don’t know if I can live in a world where a major network can green-light the cougars-vs-kittens Age of Love and this show doesn’t get another season.

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  • I loved it too. I don’t watch very much “new” tv but this one I watched and actually remembered to watch the next week.

    Although I got a bit tired of how “perfect” Harriet was. But the episode where Matt was bidding on her but also donating to a completely opposite charity was so bloody funny.

  • I really love Studio 60. America loves bad TV and we have seen that. NBC is bold and brilliant to come out with great shows like Studio 60, Friday Night Lights, ect…

    People need to get their TiVo on and start watching some of these great shows. Boycott dating shows!

    Now So You Think You Can Dance…totally different story, you better be watching!

  • Yeah, last night’s episode was way sad :/

    I wasn’t into it from the beginning, but I def. think it should stay on! Sigh