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I Know Who Aniston Is Loving On


Those bastards at People Magazine must never rest. Either that or they’re building a facial identification system the likes of which conspiracy novelists have only dreamed of.

Either way, Jen’s new beau has been revealed. He’s a British model and his name is Paul Sculfor. I should note that the picture is probably a few years back, he’s 36 now.

He’s described as a:

“Lovely guy. A gentleman. Simple things, like opening doors, he does all that. He’ll think of the woman before himself.”

I would be remiss if I didn’t throw the Chinese fortune cookie joke “in bed” after that last comment. But, how hard would it be to treat Jen like a queen? I would do it. She’s a bazillionaire. She’s hot. She seems fairly pleasant given the interviews I’ve seen. I’ve never met her, but I wouldn’t mind, and if we dated I would open the doors – provided she didn’t have servants or ultra cool modern technology doors that opened themselves.

Oh, Paul is in this YouTube clip too, with mermaids. I don’t think it shows much besides his chest but we aim to please here at Beet central.

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  • Make me sicko that jennifer like handsome or nice body man, Well! Man like her or not…….. I have no idea…… If this man want to marry Jennifer that great.. if did not say want marry only for date for a while mean man do not want keep her.. I will see what happen next?

  • Poor Jen. Turns out her new boyfriend used to work as a PAID GAY MALE ESCORT AND PORN ACTOR! Just what she deserves for not checking out her new employee’s history before leaking his name to People. Stupid famewhoring ho.

  • Good for Jen!

    I can never understand why the Brangeloonies can’t just let Jen be happy?
    And famewhores?? Who is selling out their KIDS to the papz??
    and talking about how they bath & talk together?? Boy – seems like Jolie is running short on interesting things to say…

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