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Cuba Gooding Jr To the Rescue!!

Cuba Gooding Jr Saves Gunshot Victim

Cuba Gooding Jr went from “Show me the money” to “Show me the tourniquet” last Monday, when his quick action helped save the life of a gunshot victim at Roscoe’s in Hollywood. Hey, Popeye had his spinach; Cuba has chicken and waffles.

The 39-year-old Oscar winner was waiting in his car outside a Hollywood restaurant “when he heard four gunshots,” says a source.

“Cuba was picking up dinner for his family on the night of Memorial Day,” says the spy. “He saw a young kid holding his head and walked toward him. The kid was bleeding from his neck and collapsed.”

Gooding cradled the victim, described as a man around 20 years old, and called into the restaurant for towels. “They came out with paper towels and he said, ‘No, we need real towels!'” says the source.

The actor stemmed the bleeding and hailed a passing police car. He waited on the scene until an ambulance arrived.

Cuba’s rep confirmed the story. I think what’s really cool about all this is that it happened a couple weeks ago, and we’re just now hearing about it. It’s not like Cuba immediately got on the phone with his PR girl, like, “Hey, I just saved a dude’s life! Get the AP on this stat!” Instead, it probably leaked through someone at LAPD or someone else on the scene who wanted Gooding to get some credit for his actions, but Gooding himself is content to save a life just for the sake of saving a life. How novel and refreshing!

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  • What a great story! He seems like a really sweet guy and woderful actor. He’s just made some poor choices for his last few films. Let’s hope we see him in a good role soon!!!!