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Brooke Hogan Ripped Jeans

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  • She’s so pimped out by her family. Her dad is the biggest pimp of ’em all. And her mom looks like a clown. Her brother has no remorse for the tragedy that unfolded. WHITE TRASH. Can’t sing or act. Uneducated. What was her GPA in high school, lol.

  • jess Says:

    February 23rd, 2008 at 7:59 pm edit

    thats effin nasty, shes a slut, gag me

    gag me? I’d love for Brooke to ask me to gag her!

  • I’t’s so hard to believe that so many people have such negative things to say of someone who’s living their dreams. Did you obtain your goal today? maybe so you lost a 1/3 of the pound that’s been irking your nerves. People lets be a bit more positive and pleasant if we all had the same taste we’s have a bland boring world. It’s beautiful individuals like brooke and every other successful individual who’s creative enough to think outside the box….. Stay normal and dare to dream and you’ll have what youv’e always had… NOTHING

  • It’s beautiful individuals like brooke and every other successful individual who’s creative enough to think outside the box…
    Creative? Please.
    Her music is the same bubble-gum crap like every other main stream artist. She has no orginality. Her hair, her style, and music is SO simillar to so many others. Shes as by-the-books as you can get.

  • She is at her peak…she will go down hill from here…just get fat, have some kids and get fatter.

    Live off her dads money.

    Same with the boy in prison…going nowhere…lives off dads money…gets fat…maybe more prison time in the future for other crimes.

    Hogan and the wife pretty much ruined both of them..especially the boy…buying him souped up cars….letting him speed around Florida collecting tickets. Where they that stupid that they couldn’t see what was coming? The parents spoiled both of them…by always giving them ANYTHING they wanted. Now they have 2 stupid and lazy kids heading nowhere in life. Instead of going to a University to make something of themselves,,,one is a wannabe Britney whore..the other a wannaebe race car driver…

  • its so sad that people are going out of their way to hate on her.
    i think shes great.
    maybe the pants arent a good look but who cares?
    shes young and she can do what she wants!
    anyone who watches the show can see that shes not stupid.
    shes a smart, talented, pretty girl and people who wanna comment on what shes wearing or how hard she makes them are all a waste of space!
    do you really think shes sitting in her amazing apartment in miami crying over what you losers think?
    no, shes out enjoying her life and not slagging off people she doesnt even know!
    shes laughing all the way to the bank! GO BROOKETINI!!

  • This girl is trashy. That’s great that she’s achieving her dreams, but there are ways to achieve your dreams while still acting like a lady. I’m achieving my dreams, which are bigger than losing 1/3 of a pound, and I’m definitely not walking around with my ass hanging out, excuse me for having respect for myself.

  • ooo shes pretty(im not lesbian)shes hot(im not lesbian)shes sexy(im not lesbian)….but her chin kills it…all in all shes a glamour (yet again im not lesbian)

  • omg u know if she lays on her side and closes her legs she prolly has one of them fat roast beef pussy’s. she is fat and comes from basically a fat family she cant keep the wait down jus stop tryin and get fat like you know you want too. your hulk hogans fat daughter and her brother is a goof and cant get girls.they dont think ur hot kill yourself

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