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Hilary Swank Kicks Off Potable Water Run

Hilary Swank Blue Planet Run

Two-time Academy Award winner and genuinely talented human being Hilary Swank did the unthinkable on Friday: she didn’t show up at Hyde. She didn’t get wasted. She didn’t get a DUI and she didn’t check into rehab. Instead, she helped kick off a round-the-world run to raise awareness of the world’s 1.1 billion people who lack access to clean drinking water. Swank was supporting Blue Planet Run, a project in which 20 runners will log 15,200 miles over 95 days. Each participant will run 10 miles at a time.

Hilary told the AP she had taken the “ordinary miracle” of clean drinking water “for granted far too many times.”

“Making safe drinking water available is everyone’s problem,” she said, “and it’s a problem it will take everyone to solve. It’s easy for me to show up today and talk about this. The real heroes are the 20 people who are actually running … and putting their lives on hold for the 95 days.”

For more about how you can help, by donating your time or your money, click here. $30 of your cash provides one person with safe drinking water to last a lifetime. That’s like the price of two beers at Hyde. You’ve got no excuse.

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