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Is Samantha Ronson Selling Out Lindsay Lohan?

Samanthan Ronson Selling Pictures of Lindsay Lohan


While her DJ pal Samantha Ronson, 29, looks like she’s there to help her pal through thick and thin, she’s really making a tidy profit on the side, shilling Lohan, 20, out to photographers eager to get her photo looking passed out and wasted. While an “out of it” Lohan thought she was just going home after a night out at Teddy’s in Hollywood on May 27, Ronson made a side trip to a gas station.
A source tells Celebrity Babylon, “The car was only down a quarter tank, and yet Samantha stopped for gas. She has a side deal with a photo agency and they paid her to make the pit stop!”

If that wasn’t shocking enough, sources say that it was Ronson who was holding the cocaine later found in Lindsay’s car. “There were three of them crammed into the Mercedes sports car and Samantha was the one that had the cocaine with her. Lindsay later questioned her about leaving it in the car for the cops to find and Samantha blew her off.”

Ronson, who makes anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 a night deejaying at clubs and private parties, has accumulated a substantial side income taking her pal in front of paparazzi cameras for money.

Well the pics of Lindsay at the gas station came from X17, so I guess that’s who SamRo has the side deal with.

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  • If Sam did set up LL, it would be payback for the “GD lesbian B” comment LL made for all the world to hear. The Vengeful Lesbos…good girl group? Movie title?

  • So does any of this friend using her for profit gossip matter if Lindsay herself is a drug addict and alcoholic crudely acting out in public and becoming a menace and danger to society?

  • Yes, it does matter. Using someone to make money is wrong. Maybe not legally, but morally. Samantha didn’t help paparazzi get pics of Lindsay so that Linds would be forced into rehab, she did it for personal gain and I doubt gave a crap what happened to Lindsay.

    Selling out someone who is supposedly your friend just because she outted you as a lesbian? Yeah, fair trade. Not! Words are words, it was probably a heat of the moment thing, plus without the paps would we really have known it was about Sam? I doubt she was saying it for everyone else to hear, she was obviously drunk and upset. No, it’s not right, but neither is getting paid to sabotage someone who you claim is your friend.

  • I say let them have their lesbian relationship. Even if SamRo sold her out, they should sort it out without all the gossip. Lohan has been through a lot lately, with all her DUIs and stuff, so leave them alone and live your own life.

  • Between Lindsay’s father, mother, agents, and various hangers’ on, I guess Samantha was the final straw, yo. She was surrounded by leeches. I would have a break down too.

  • I’d say let them have their relationship also. I mean, I’m not bi or lesibian but I don’t think that it would matter if they are gay. Maybe it don’t seem right, but that’s the way some people are, and no one should be treated differently if they are gay. That’s my opinion.

  • omg the whole lesbian lindsay and samantha thing, omg!!!!
    i saw in a mag that they were both in a car and lindsay lohan had an engagement ring on !!! hws tht for gossip hee he. i dnt think lindsay lohan shud be wiv samantha! even if they were lesbos they dnt suit eachother some how in a weird way!!! XD

  • I’m a little out of date on my celebrity gossip, but I can’t think of anything Lohan has done lately…aside from drugs, rehab, and shocking the public, but what else is new? If she’s not working, she’s not making money…and she’s gotta fund her lavish lifestyle somehow! My theory? They’re in on it together. Lohan allows Ronson to take the pics, they make it look like she’s selling her out, they split the profit! Her reputation’s already beyond repair, what are a few more not so flattering pics?