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Mr. T Knows Fashion Too

EvilT is our resident fashionista (distant relative of the sandinistas) but Mr. T deserves some credit on that front too. Don’t believe me? Want to be utterly confused? How about a wonderful look back at the beloved 80s?

Don’t say I never gave you anything. And feel free to use the comments section to explain exactly what the hell this is. They don’t seem to be selling anything, and it’s a rant with no context.

But I’ve said enough. Enjoy it.

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  • it’s incredible to me that this post has been up for more than even a couple of minutes without people thanking you for bringing this clip to our collective attention.

    so let me be the first.

    i’ll use mr. t’s words of wisdom forevermore in my clothing decisions.

  • OMG, where did you dig this up? bury it immediately!! Jumpsuits and colorful pumps with socks, and matching belts, earrings and the rest. I think you’ve ruined my day.

  • this redick clip is taken from a special T did to help kids with peer pressure, self esteem, staying fit, personal “style”, saying no to drugs etc — 80s propoganda blech. i have been fortunate enough to view the special in its entirety. this foolishness is available on dvd.

  • This would be a funny twist for a commercial for SHARPY and/or duct tape. lol Did you see that all the kid’s “custom labeling” was wide tape looking shapes with huge marker letters? How luxurious. Could also be used as a commercial for where you can actually make your own style clothing.

    Not sure how much they paid him to say things like “she’s on the A train to fashion town” and “cool like an ice cream with those frosted pumps” but his intros are hilarious. Especially if you remember that in A Team he rarely ever said something close to nice to anyone, let alone kids. lol

    If Mr. T says it’s cool… then it’s cool man. TY for sharing.