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I’d Be Unhappy if Denise Richards Was My Mom, Too

Denise Richards with Daughters Sam and Lola

Denise Richards puts on a brave face with her grumpy Sheen-spawn, Sam and Lola, at a Disney-sponsored party in Bel Air on Thursday.

There are seriously nearly 40 pictures of Denise and these children on WireImage right now. There is not a single picture in which these kids look anything short of miserable. I checked them all. Look at their eyes! They’re like, “Save me from this childhood!” I just find this incredibly funny and I needed to share it with you all.

Denise Richards and Daughters Denise Richards and Daughters with Princess Jasmine Denise Richards and Daughters with Princess Jasmine Picture Denise Richards and Her Sad, Sad Children denise_kids5.jpg denise_kids6.jpg

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