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  • lol, i wonder what kind of a lame excuse her mom is gonna give inan interview when she isasked how she feels about her daughter being in a strip movie

  • The whole point is Linds has no stable morals or shame and thinks what she does is great acting. This is not a movie role, it’s just porn and violence peek show for the freaks and idiots out there.

  • If, someone care about her or love her, they can help her, take her too a rehab, maybe also lock the doors for a year!!!

  • This is why people have no lives now…WORRYING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE……Is Lindsay Lohan related to you? Then mind ya fuckin business….If she wants to destroy her life….let her do it…..Calling her names isn’t gonna change the fact that she has NOT BEARING ON YOU LIFE OR MINE ! ! ! ! ! GET A LIFE YOU BRAINLESS ZOMBIES ! ! ! !

  • Gee Paul, thanks a lot. All of those filthy scumbags dissing the chic for what she is doing with her personal life like its their business. Grow up! Yea you get a life first!

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