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Scott Stapp Should Really Hire a Publicist for Things Like This

Scott Stapp Can’t Spell

Or at least employ a spell check. Stapp, the Christian rocker who came home trashed and threw and Orangina bottle at his wife’s face, has issued a statement to Drew Garabo, a morning DJ in his hometown in Central Florida. Unfortunately, he didn’t run it through a spell check first. Honestly. Sooo retarded. His statement, with my (myriad) spelling corrections and comments, below. (I decided not even to start on the grammar. Well, for the most part.)

You have a Ggreat heart Drew! Thank you bro:)

First of all I would like to express how thankfull and appreciative my family is for the tremendeous tremendous outpouring of love and support we have received during this insecure time in our marriage. I was shocked at how many have rallied around us. [Ed: Me, too.]

I am truly sorry and seek forgiveness from my wife. As she has done the same seeking forgiveness from me. We both know we were wrong in how we handled the argument and in some of the allegations that were made.. Now we are tring trying to move forward as a family.

Things were stated to the police in the heat of anger that were not completely accurate. Things have been said to the media and reported after the fact that are not accurate as well either.

As in most cases like this, the next day everyone is sorry and wishes they didn’t get the police involved and said what they did about their partner. We are no different. [Ed: See, Scott, I’ll believe that when I hear it from your wife.]

My wife and I love eachother each other very much and are activley actively seeking support to help us resolve this tough time and bring our loving family back together as one

Together, with counciling counseling, as well as working on changing area’s areas [Ed: Really, Scott? Possessive?] of our lives in a mutual effort to learn, grow, and mature positivley positively as a Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, and Spiritual human bieng being, we will overcome this:) [Ed: Another smiley face? Yay! Domestic violence is a happy thing!]

We would also like to apologize to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Dept.for calling them to our home and taking them away from the very serious and dangerous job of protecting our community. Anyone that was effected affected negativly negatively please forgive us as well.?

We would also like to ask that the media please allow our family to heal during this painfull painful time and remember we have children. So please take that into consideration and respect our privacy and let this go. I know you would want the same if the tables were turned. [Ed: I don’t throw Orangina bottles at people. Ever.]

God Bless you.
Scott, Jaclyn, Milan and Jagger Stapp:)

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  • I don’t support domestic violence and have never heard of Scott Stapp, but really–if you’re going to criticize someone’s spelling, you should at least be able to spell “an” correctly. Unless you really did mean that he “threw and Orangina bottle at his wife’s face.”

  • Wow, Betty’s comment is close to the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen on a celebrity gossip story. Honey, just so you know, “and” is a legitimate word and won’t be corrected by spellcheck. It’s also a very minor typo, which you’re trying to use to discredit someone who’s talking about Scott Stapp’s inability to spell words like “counseling” and “tremendous.”

    Also, it’s best not to comment on stories if you have no idea who they’re about. Scott Stapp is the frontman of a christian rock band (Creed) who also happens to be notorious for being a straight-up drunk douchebag.

  • Ivve,
    While I agree on Scott being a douche bag, I do believe that Betty has a good point. It is pretty ironic that while degrading someone else for their typos he himself managed to make a typo. While “and” might be a word and not picked up by a spell-check application, it clearly shows that he did not read back over what he wrote, which is a vital step when being a journalist. And I use the term journalist loosely.

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  • Everybody does faults in spelling. I’m sure you had it done before. I think it is stupid to criticise somebody you don’t know personally. You should be more inteseted in your own life than in the life of other people.

    You may not do spelling faults, but you are an idiot.

    The more you criticise other people the more you have problems on your own you should spend attention for.

    Your Psychtherapist

  • I think you should just let little things go. he was trying to be nice to everyone and ask a simple favor. All you can do is bash him. not OK ever!

  • To “harass” someone who is begging you to “please allow his family to heal during their painful time” is as bad as throwing an Orangina bottle at someone!

    I can feel Scott is really trying, and here you are dissing him for his spelling, grammar, and even smileys!! and, referring to above comments, when you’re no whiz at it yourself. Just because you don’t throw bottles in anger doesn’t mean you’re a better person, or that you never hurt people! Leave poor Scott alone.

  • @chels I know what you mean, its hard to find good help these days. People now days just don’t have the work ethic they used to have. I mean consider whoever wrote this post, they must have been working hard to write that good and it took a good bit of their time I am sure. I work with people who couldn’t write like this if they tried, and getting them to try is hard enough as it is.

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