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Joe Francis Didn’t Sexually Assault That Girl, Either


Joey Boy pleaded not guilty to yet another charge stemming from his sexual misadventures, this time involving a teenager in L.A. who claims Francis repeatedly fondled her, even after she repeatedly asked him to stop. He’ll be in court June 26 for a pre-trial hearing in the matter. He faces a maximum of six months in jail if convicted.

Francis’s lawyer made the following statement:

The allegations made by the alleged victim claiming she was “touched” are ridiculous. There is absolutely no merit to these charges. Mr. Francis is a successful man in a high profile position, and unfortunately, that makes him a target of people who hope to benefit in some way from attacking him. Mr. Francis isn’t going to sit by and put up with these types of baseless attacks. He will vigorously defend himself and take whatever action necessary to clear his name. We believe that the Court or the City Attorney’s office will ultimately be convinced to dismiss this matter.

Francis is currently being held in Oklahoma, and will soon be moved to Nevada to face federal tax evasion charges. He just wrapped up a stint in a Florida prison after pleading guilty to contempt of court, where he managed to rack up even more charges for himself by trying to bribe a guard for bottled water and smuggling prescription drugs into his cell.

And, it wouldn’t be a Joe Francis article if I didn’t take a moment to remind you all of the L.A. Times piece in August of last year in which the reported accuses Francis of raping a young girl. I’m just saying.

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