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Jesus Christ, Spiderman 3 Is Going to Make a Lot of Money


If you’re like me (and I hope, for your sake, you’re not), and your life is basically a whole lot of nothingness puntuated by the regular perusal of what’s new on WireImage, you would be aware that Kirsten Dunst has been a regular Magellan this week, traversing the globe in search of shinier dresses and stronger cocaine, as Spiderman 3 premiered everywhere they can subtitle it. It opened across Asia, Europe and Australia yesterday and today, and preliminary box office reports are staggering. The film broke records in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Taiwan, and beat out the Spidey 2 openings in Korea and Japan.

Look for it to kick some Aquaman ass here in the U.S. On Friday, it will open domestically in 4,163 theaters, the largest opening in the history of the world, and that’s including Paris Hilton’s vagina.

Get ready for the summer movie season, kids. Disturbia what?

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  • “the largest opening in the history of the world” – Kudos, kid. Very nice.

  • …and despite ungrateful Kiki doing all she can to pooh-pooh her role and the movie it with her grotty, snotty attitude.