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Replacing Rosie


I don’t watch The View, but even I can see replacing her entertainment value will be tough. Here are my suggestions on who should fill those giant shoes:

Tyra Banks
I don’t think anyone watches her current show and she could talk about how hard modeling is (with the walking and the posing).

Courteney Cox
See above but replace “modeling” with “David Arquette.”

Dakota Fanning
She’s had a long and illustrious career but it’s time for her to wind down. She’d bring a much needed intelligence and maturity to the proceedings.

Paris or Perez Hilton
One would say idiotic things constantly, ideally leading to Barbara Walters head spinning like a top. The other would lend diversity to a show which seems too focused on women’s issues.

Oh, that’s the point? My bad. Anyway, farewell Rosie. We’ll miss your bluster!

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  • Rosie is such a hard act to follow, but one thing I know:

    They’d better come up with somebody funny and controversial like Cujo or Richard Simmons.