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Pratt is a Prick

Seriously I don’t know who this Spencer Pratt guy thinks he is but LC is wayyyyy cooler than he will ever be. Remember Spencer, she was the famous one that got you on TV in the first place. From what i’ve heard your has-been ass has not been able to get in the clubs lately. Wonder why. Here is a telling exerpt from the Spencer/Hedi US Weekly interview.

Us: Spencer, did Lauren’s split from your pal Brody Jenner makes things tricky?

Pratt: “Lauren couldn’t get into clubs before she met us! We were her ticket to Hollywood. As soon as the double dating stopped, she was out. She has trouble being the third wheel. That’s what she was when Brody didn’t want to keep seeing her.”

I’m not going to go into the fact that Hedi’s alibi is the fact that she was in the hospital because she had just gotten her boobs and nose done. Trying to compete with Spencer’s Playmates are we? I love LC, I hate these two doucebags…they are on the fast track to VH1’s “Celeb” Reality.

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  • I hate spencer and heidi – if it wasn’t for LC NO ONE would know who those two idiots are!!! Hate HATE BOTH OF THEM

  • i totally agree its Lauren who got Spencer into all of the clubs and the ring he gave Heidi on the last episode of the hills looked plastic and Heidi totally got work done Spencer is a JERK!!

  • this faget looks like he is made of plastic and Heidi needs to get rid of her fake ass purple diamond…