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Did Lohan Flood Harry Morton’s Pad on Purpose?


Well, I suppose it’s better than arson. On April 11, Page Six reported that Harry Morton, Lindsay Lohan’s ex, arrived home to find his multi-million-dollar pad drenched in water coming from the apartment above his. That apartment belongs to Lindsay Lohan. Page Six reported that Lindsay had faulty plumbing, and Lohan’s rep reported that “this happened while Lindsay was in New York.”

But that was before TMZ was on the case. They actually managed to obtain the incident report from the condo complex, Sierra Towers. The officer on duty reports, “It seems that they left the faucet on. I turned it off.” Further, TMZ claims that Lindsay was not at all in NYC at that time because they have footage of her out partying. However, TMZ’s footage was posted on March 7, and was supposedly taken “last night,” which would mean the night of Tuesday, March 6. The incident report was filed a little after midnight on March 6, which is essentially late Monday night. So I’m not sure if this is proof that Lindsay was not in NYC at the time. Regardless, how often have you just accidentally left your bath water on while you headed out for the night? Then again, how often have you been nine cocktails and an eight-ball in before you headed out for the night …

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  • I love it. She will destroy her own apartment on purpose to stick it to Harry Morton. Why do these people own apartments in LA. Seriously, get a backyard people…some security and a dog.