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Katie and Peter

Who are Katie Price (aka Jordan) and Peter Andre? They are “stars” in the UK who have decided to bring their reality show to the US. While living in London I saw how obsessive the press is about Jordan and her gigantic fake breasts.

They released a really bad version of “A Whole New World” and had the ugliest wedding I’ve ever seen (see above photo). They also are a bit sassy about Posh and Becks. When asked about the soccer power couple Katie/Jordan attempted to pretend that she wasn’t really familar with two of the most famous people EVER. I have a feeling she forgot that Posh was a huge star in the states during the Spice Girl Days.

When asked about Posh and Becks, Jordan replied: “Who?” That’s when her hubby Peter Andre quickly added: “I might as well say it, (Jordan) is better looking than Victoria, but I’m not better looking than David.”
Then Jordan quipped: “It’s not hard to be better looking than her, is it really? “She’s just a footballer’s wife and Pete and I are still individuals.”

Sassy Miss Katie. They are a super trashy couple but I’m guessing their TV show will be funny on an “Anna Nicole” level.

“Jordan and Peter” begins airing April 21st on E!

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  • omg..half the people who have commented on this can’t spell! retards. thats tellling you something about her fans…she looks like slag, dumb bitch. GO FOR SOMEONE WITH MORE CLASS! how can you call her a rolde model, what the hell has she ever done thats changed the world for the better in any way? godd grow up. AND WHY THE FUCK DO PEOPLE THINK THEY’RE TALKING TO KATIE? THIS ISNT EVEN HER SITE..AND WHY WOULD SHE BOTHER ANSWERING ANYWAY?

  • ahh see look kate look how good you look together you seem so happy n a happy couple then but now you are going seperate ways n r streesed n unappy n so r you children because they were used to you being together n now it has all changed but you were so sweet plz plz plz get back together for you sake n for the kids sake plz love ya both n your beatuiful children xxxx

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