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Sarah Silverman


Just because.

Also, for the record, I gotta disagree with my sis’ EvilT on the whole Imus thing. I’m not really going to get into it but I’ll throw Sarah Silverman up there as an example of my point. She says the most offensive things and it’s plain old hilarious. I Love her. And so does Jimmy Kimmel.

For better or worse, Imus was trying to be funny. He may not be funny, but it’s always odd who we decide to be moral arbiters on. I call people names and ridicule all day long. Probably my low self esteem… but I guess the good news is I pretty much hate everyone, that’s why I’m filled with spite, as opposed to just hating on a specific group. And if you look at Imus’ record, on air he’s offensive to everyone. Off air he’s charitable and intelligent. One of those sides makes money. But to categorize him as completely hateful is just as “labelriffic” as the very thing everyone’s so bent out of shape about. The world will never be as easy as “He said something bad. Fire him.” If that were the case Sharpton wouldn’t be allowed on TV.

Crap. Now I’ve gone and gotten into it. Sigh.

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  • I’m guessing you’re white.

    The problem isn’t that Imus is totally hateful, but that he’s an ignorant douchebag (not the same thing). Semantically speaking, his original *SHOCKING* statement was sexist and crass. But in his backpaddling, he kept using the “rappers call black women that” as justification for it being OK. SOME rappers refer to ALL women as hos, not just black women. For Imus to then speciously assume that black rappers only talk about black women and then to say that it’s ok for him to do by his illogic was the racially-bigoted part.

    So, whatever. He’s an old bigot, but he got served so it’s fine by me.

  • Jimmy Kimmel may love Sarah Silverman despite the faux bigotry that defines her as a comedienne, but do not — DO NOT — ever falsely accuse Jimmy Kimmel of being drunk. THAT is crossing the line, kids. That is crossing the line.