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LC Dishes on the Sex Tape


Well, not dishes, exactly, but certainly laments.

“My friend started reading the item to me, and I literally could not breathe,” she says. “I thought she was joking when she started telling me.”

“Honestly, they videotape my life five days out of the week. I don’t need additional footage, you know?” she says, when asked if she really did make the tape.

Lauren claims that someone planted the rumor specifically to hurt her, and people are starting to look at Heidi and Spencer as the front-runners. Lauren claims Heidi hasn’t even called her. “This has literally been, like, the worst week ever, and someone who’s supposedly my friend didn’t even call or text me.”

Heidi and Spencer both deny planting the rumor.

Is The Hills even filming right now? I think they’re on hiatus, which is just so sad, because it would be awesome to have all this caught on tape. Killer ratings. I hope MTV got a camera crew in there as soon as this news broke. I mean, there’s a big part of me that feels really horrible for Lauren in all this, because I think she’s probably a genuinely good kid who got thrown into a crappy situation, but then the other side of me — the one that started a gossip blog in the first place — gets all excited and can’t wait to watch this whole thing play out.

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