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Knut in Vanity Fair

Here are some adorable pictures of Berlin’s Knut the Polar Bear in Vanity Fair. The combo of Knut and Leo DiCaprio is just too adorable. The flight against global warmning just got sexy!

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  • He’s just too sexy for his clothes! I would love to get him naked and massage him with oil and just rub… omg… sorry, I forgot what I was going to type originally!! He is a good person, and a fine actor. And also, he just happens to be the most perfect male specimen in the entire freakin’ world. That man is just sooooooo hot!!! I’m surprised that ice block he’s standing on didn’t just melt!!!!!!!

  • Leo Dicaprio is SO cute! I love him… when i watched Titanic with my friend we cryed all night=[ I wish that I could meet him one day! I love him!