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Is This Photo Funny?

I don’t know why but I find this photo to be smirk worthy. The official Pirates 3 stills are coming out and this one shows Keira Knightley battling a smoke machine. Did they take this at Glamour Shots? They didn’t make her look hot or tough, instead they went for the odd mouth open look with her hair magnetically attracted to her sword.

It’s either a profoundly cool shot or a weird choice and I haven’t quite figured out which. You decide.


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  • Elle est toujours belle Keira, c’est mon actrice préférée. Elle a assurée sur le volet 1 et 2, et biensûr bientôt le troisième volet. Elle va pas tro bien avec ce Rupert. Je trouve qu’elle irait bien avec Orlando Bloom. Orlando avait aprécier les baisers de Keira. C tro romantique !!!

  • (As far as I can manage here is the translation.. my apologies for any errors!)

    Keira is beautiful, she is my favorite actress. She ensured this with Pirates 1 & 2 and will do again soon with the third one. I don’t think she should date Rupert (Friend – the actor)

    I think she would be great with Orlando Bloom, he appreciates her kisses! He’s so Romantic! (I really can’t figure out C tro romantique if anyone wants to help out.)

  • Spiteful Lars I SOO AGREE WITH EVERYHTING U SAID i totley agree and besides keira is a verry beatifal girl and a fanastic actress and orlando bloom is SOOO DAMMM HOTTT lol and hes a fanastic actor.

    Oh and all that stuff u sad about keira and orlando so true. and u know what they are avery cute cople and i actuley think they have strong feelings for eachother lol.

    Oh and one more thing ok u all know rubert friend well how many of u people ever saw keira kissing rubert or looking at him in a strong way or even flirting with him or even kissing him on the cheek u know what im not even shure keira likes rubert and besides i see a lot of pictures of keira and orlando kissing eachother on the cheek and hugging and looking at eachother so romanatctly even mabey flirting with eachother anyways i just think its kinda weird cuz keira never even kissed rubert well i havent seen any pics of that lol.

  • No it’s not a funny photo. I think she looks hot in an unassuming way. Would you have preferred it if you had a celeb with massive double G boobs, showing their uber cleavage and uber hot body in a revealing costume? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I see that all the time, and quite frankly, I’m fucking bored of it.