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I’m Not Saying Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Do Cocaine


But this, folks — Perez and everyone else who’s running this story — is not cocaine. This is light reflecting off big-ass diamond earrings. Story after story lately implies that sobriety didn’t really take for Linds, at least not this time around, but, come on, that doesn’t necessarily mean that anything appearing white and powderish within a 20-mile vicinity of her person is always cocaine. Sometimes it’s heroin.

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  • Look at her eyes. Clear as a bell. I’ve looked in a mirror often enough to know what someone’s eyes look like after doing coke,or heroin.In this photo she hasn’t been doing either. If you don’t know WTF you’re talking about then you need to SHUT TFU. IDIOTS.

  • I predict in ten years, Ms. Lohan will be married and living in Beverly Hills with her handsome husband and 2.5 kids. Lindsey, I expect an invitation to that wedding!!! :D

  • your idiots, shes a washed up tramp, and will not be living in beverly hills with a stud hubby. r u dumb? she’ll be lucky if shes not in prison or doing porn in ten years.

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