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Okay, This is Just Getting Ridiculous


S-Jo is going to star in another Goddamn Woody Allen film??

Scarlett, honey, the guy married his adopted daughter. Worse for you, he lost his fastball where film is concerned about two decades ago. I get it, you wanted to work with the Wood-man when you were growing up, but vanity time is over now. You’ve got to start doing serious work.

Let’s see what the past two Wood projects got ya:

Match Point $23 million at the box office
Scoop $10 million at the box office.

No, box office is not the only barometer of quality so let’s look at all the awards of note these films won. Still waiting? Yeah, I thought so. Yeah, Match Point picked up some silly third rate hardware that no one has ever heard of.

Let me guess, this film will be a quirky romance style of deal, hopefully one where Wood gets to bed you so the audience can cringe in horror. Stop taking his calls. It’s the decent thing to do at this point.

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