Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Okay, Not to Be a Bitch …

… but if my legs were actually coneshaped, I just wouldn’t wear a whole lot of those dresses with the really high slits. I just wouldn’t. Honestly, Tyra, you are still a very beautiful woman, but play down the legs. Play them down.

For good measure, America Ferrera, doing it (almost) right. Prop up the breasts, America. Prop them up.

Also, Aisha Tyler, because I love her. Whoever set up the red carpet at this event was retarded. All the celebs are trying desperately not to squint, with varying degrees of success. And I suppose I do have to hand it to Tyra and her years of modeling experience — she manages to make her face look stunning despite the fact that the sun seems to be in everyone’s eyes.

Pics from 38th Annual NAACP Image Awards in LA this weekend.