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Michael Jackson Sued Again

You know, last night I was at happy hour at Ocean Avenue Seafood in Santa Monica (my first time there and I cannot recommend it highly enough — amazing seafood!) with some friends, and, two or three mojitos in, one of the guys was talking about how the kid who’d sued Michael Jackson for a little underage pitchin’ and catchin’ got $11M out of the deal. “So here’s the question,” he asked the other men at the table, “Would you let Michael Jackson give you a little reach-around … and maybe a little more … for eleven million dollars?” The answer from these hetero men — again, several mojitos in — was a resounding yes. Hey, it’s a lot of money.

Anyway, it turns out nobody even needs to get molested to sue Michael Jackson. You just need someone in the same hospital as him to kick the bucket. Jacko and a hospital are being sued by the family of 73-year-old Manuela Ruiz, after she was allegedly “treated like cargo” in the hospital after Michael arrived. She died later that night, after suffering a heart attack earlier in the day.

Update: Found the link to the full story here. The hospital being sued is the Marian Medical Center in Santa Barbara County.

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