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Eminem Has a Small Penis

Kim Mathers, Em’s on-and-off-and-on-and-off girlfriend/wife/fantasy murder victim, has launched an anti-Em crusade which came to some sort of peak on an interview this morning with a Detroit radio station. Says Kim:

“I can’t stand him. He’s an absolutely horrible person, and he gets worse every day,” Mathers said. “I vomit in my mouth whenever I’m around him or I hear his name. There’s nothing left in me for him. Nothing at all.”

She goes on to say that “he’s not very well-endowed,” and that sex with him is “bad.” And the kicker: “If you’re going to have sex with Marshall, make sure you have a little blue pill, because otherwise it does not work.”

Eminem responded by taking the high road in a statement he made through his publicist: “It’s a shame that I’ve moved on and Kim hasn’t. Her ongoing press campaign is doing nothing but harm to the children, and for that I feel truly sorry. For their sake I wish she would stop.”

[via Agent Bedhead]

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  • you know what kim just forget it and eminem im your biggest fan in some of your song like ”mockingbird”and”kim”but no offense kimberly but eminem isn it a little harsh wanting to kill kim because think about it you will be in jail and haili wont have a mother and would think you as a bad person as she grows up and understands what has happen just a opinion but just both of move on and stop acting like babies and start acting like grownups dont be victims stop thinking about yourself and start thinking and haili’s future

  • I also think that kim is making this shit up.
    If she didnt like it, other girl will and im sure that if eminem needs a girl, he will have it. Eminem is the best rapper in the world and will always be. Peace bro

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  • Well….think about it. Eminem is 5’7″, not a big guy. not too many small guys have big dicks. I have been around my share. They had that kid before he was famous, so love could have really been a factor. thus a girl would look past the small member, unless she’s a size queen…like me(smile). Em is cute, but he doesn’t look hung. And if he was hung, word would have been out by now. This guys been out in the media for over 12 years now. He looks kinda nerdy, in an angry way to me, with his attractive face, I think he’s cute. I’m 5’9″, he would not be my type…he’s too short. I need big guys.

  • the Kim is very ugly for it, it is very pretty had was to be with me, does not import itself with the size, but with the person who it represents, to only be to the side of she would full me to it of pleasure

  • i dont have anything against kim its just that i can tell that she made all that stuff up about marshel being bad at sex if em had a small dick than its most unlikely to have hailey p.s pls if somebody knows eminem then tell him im his biggest fan

  • i hate cheese who does like it apart from u u bastard ok i like pizza but i dont even like cheddar whats the matter with u any way i did not blog for food i just wanna say eminem is a terrible person he made fun of mc hes a total jurk

  • eminem has been hurt alot in his life byus about every1 he was close to or related to sp its no wonder he has all that anger n cant rele trust any1. i get where hes comin from. plus the media always pounds him n id react the same way…give them the middle finger n do wat the fuck want n say wat i wana say. thats 1 of the points of music-to b an outlet where u can jus let it all out. n alot of short guys have big dicks. my bfs the same height as him n hes very well endowed. n ems not dorky lookin either. hes sexy as hell. kim is a druggie ho n mariah carey is a lil bitch jus like her husband

  • I don’t blame her one bit, any man making “songs” about killing beating shooting or causing harm to the mother of his child is a fucking little twat. If you need proof on Em uhh package.. just watch the video with him and doctor dre.. the one where “this looks like a job for so everyone just follow me because we need a little controversy” he thrusts his crotch towards the camera while in the car and uhh damn.. looks like he has a thin little lincoln log for a dick. Eminem is a very very brilliant and talented pussy, but is so full of angst and anger because he has never won a fight or beat anyone up.. look… his most agressive violent lyrics are towards womem.. boo hoo you fucking 36 year old child. I’d love to fucking be able to confront his little puny bitch whiny ass and show him some Milwaukee respect. I hate men that are violent towards women, verbally or physically. Real men accept the fact when woman no longer want to be with your fucking self pitty drug induced junkie poor me ass. So come on “EM” Lets see how much of man you are take up a challenge from a man and see if you can throw down against a man.. and not a woman you little bitch ass blond cunt.

  • I have a huge penis so if eminem ever wants to have some bi-curious fun, id be in. id suck his little one all day long, i dont care, little cocks are hot hot hot

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  • eminem is a hateful person… the shit he said about KIM is messed up. if i was her id talk so much shit on his ass. theres no way you can say hes a good father when he makes multiple songs about killing his babies mama. you can say its just an act or for entertainment but he uses real people in his songs, its kinda like o.j.’s book “if i did it”. pretty classless

  • if eminem’s dick was so small then why n DA hell does she keep going back and em is not a bad person hes fine as hell n he can rap hes got millions of fans that love him and i think that he is hung so all ya haterz out there quit hatin b/c em is DA shit n u just jellos u not him n getting laid so don’t b a hater b/c u not sexy n almost every girl wont’s u n probably half the guys out here are still vergiouns n mad b/c u still got ya V card so don’t hate on em


  • […] What was there was pretty good, though: Attractive photos of a teenage girl, and some pretty philosophical and interesting Tweets (“People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. Ironically, in reality, things are being loved & people are being used.”) that I wish could have come from the mind of the real Halie, who is a high school cheerleader and pretty much off the radar all together. Below is a gallery of the fake Halie Jade and see a photo of the real Halie Jade at the end, who (unfortunately) is the spitting image of her mother Kim. […]

  • eminem is a good rapper I love his song Hailie’s song…It’s really sweet…i bet his dick i the size of his hand……If u take a ruler and measure your hand from the bottom of it to the tip then measure your dick and see if it’s true………..

  • eminem is a good rapper I love his song Hailie’s song…It’s really sweet…i bet his dick i the size of his hand……If u take a ruler and measure your hand from the bottom of it to the tip then measure your dick and see if it’s true………..

  • eminem is a good rapper. I love his song Hailie’s song…It’s really sweet…i bet his dick is the size of his hand……If u take a ruler and measure your hand from the bottom of it to the tip if the middle finger then measure your dick and see if it’s true………..

  • Yeah many small guys have big dicks.. Maybe you should intrested if they are taking pills for penis enhancment?? Brainless…

  • Eminem is da best listen to every song kim is a bug
    eating bitch I’m a guy and I want to suck his sexy horny dick sexy sweaty balls sperm yummmmm I’m not gay

  • Shut up ya fucking bitch if you thought he had a small dick in in first place than y did ya go out with him so if your going to complain about it i love eminem so much he is the sexiestt man ever and why cant people just accept who he is he tells his life
    story and its sad i listen to him every day why give him more things to be upset about

  • eminem is a very small individual with a very small penis (and also a very small character), and for that he is so frustrated he attacks every male he feels is much better than him – IN EVERY WAY (if you know what I mean)

  • so what if he is shit in bed he has millions of fans and i bet almost all of them would shag him ……… etc etc all the shit i would usaly say i cant be botherd to say

  • I bet that Eminem has a massively huge cock and Kim is just sorry that she didn’t get it up the ass more often!!!

  • Eminem love u always u are my hero and if u want to get sick in my ????u can any day and i have sex with u every day size doesnt matter i your biggest fan from ireland any time

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