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Seriously, God Bless Our Advertisers

I rarely click on ads on this site. Click fraud and all that. But they are getting better and better. I just now saw one in the corner that said: “Got Herpes? Find Out Who Is Spreading STDs in Your Area.” I clicked it, because how do you not click that?, and was directed to Here’s their overview:

Welcome to You Gave Me An This is a site unlike any site out there. We are devoted to stopping the unnecessary spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Currently there are few options available to the sexually active community to help prevent the spread of diseases. Now there is another option is an online forum where people can tell of their past sexual encounters where they received an STD from a partner who wasn’t honest and upfront with them. As a visitor on our site you are able to search for these alleged infectors by name, city or state reducing your chances of being victimized. Remember the adage “learn from other peoples mistakes.”

This reminds me of our old friend here at The Beet,, and how we nearly destroyed a young man’s future in casual, self-satisfying sexual misadventures by reporting on it. As I’d hate to risk doing that to someone else, I won’t call out my fave stories from this new site, but suffice it to say that it’s equally amusing.

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