Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Awwwwkward …

Since Lars and I have decided to play off one another’s topics today, I’m going with another Hayden Panettiere story.
Hayden ran into Evil Incarnate (aka Kristin Cavallari) while shopping on Publicity Blvd (aka Robertson). Hayden, for anyone who doesn’t know, is dating Stephen Cavallari, the not-that-hot cause of oh-so-much drama between Kristin and L.C. on Laguna Beach. TMZ has video.
What’s funny is that Hayden looks like the uncomfortable one here. Kristin probably saw Hayden and thought to herself, “Oh, shit, here’s someone who’s famous for actually doing something, and getting more famous for it every day. I should pretend like we’re best friends. People will take our picture and write about it. Then maybe I’ll stay famous for another week, even though I do nothing of any value ever.”
Meanwhile, little Hayden is all like, “Oh, so this is the crazy bitch Stephen’s always making fun of. What a fucking head case. I wish she’d go away.”