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Harry Potter and the Dubious Relationship with a Horse

Dude, little Harry Potter got hot. Daniel Radcliffe, 17, who has starred in the Harry Potter films since the first release in 2001, is now working his magic on the ladies in a series of promotional photos for Equus, a play he’s doing on London’s West End. While the play is an award-winning dark psychological drama about a young boy who blinds a stable of horses with a spike, the photos (check them out here) feature a naked Harry Potter (with rock-hard abs and a happy trail to die for … if you like that sort of thing) posing with a white horse (notably less hot).

So … props go out to a former child star looking to take on a challenging and meaningful theatrical role. Right? Um, no. Parents of Harry Potter’s legion of young fans are outraged, and are sending angry emails to Harry Potter fansites. (Truly, I didn’t realize how utterly ungrounded the general public can be until I started posting my email address along with my column last week, and have since received not one but two emails from separate individuals who apparently believe me to be Tyra Banks and would like me to come and visit them at their house. Directions from the airport provided.) Here is one choice quote: “We as parents feel Daniel should not appear nude. Our nine-year-old son looks up to him as a role model. We are very disappointed and will avoid the future movies he makes.” Right, guys, because Daniel Radcliffe, six years ago, signed a contract agreeing to behave in a strictly Harry Potter-like fashion until the age of 45, or until you as parents step up to serve as the primary role models in your child’s life, whichever comes first.

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