Simon Rex…Gay Pornstar

So I was looking around for information on this rapper named Mickey Avalon and I found out that his first record was recorded with friend and gay pornstar Simon Rex.

Um, the same Simon Rex the MTV VJ and actor? Evidently he has starred in such flicks as “Young Hard and Solo II.” I guess this has been common knowledge for a while but I still am quite shocked. He went from Gay Pornstar to VJ to actor. Interesting leap.

Here is a rundown of “Young Hard and Solo II” from our friends at Exceptional Mediocrity


Simon in some PJ bottoms and a white tee sitting on the floor flipping through channels. Nothing’s good on TV. Simon decides to pop in some entertainment, a wonderful video called “Young, Hard and Solo”(part one, presumabley) featuring a guy jerking off. Simon decides to follow suit and promptly removes his clothes and gets down to business. Jerk, jerk, jerk. Enter baby oil for easier jerkage. Jerk, jerk, jerk. Oh there happens to be a full-length mirror over here, let me get on my hands and knees facing said mirror and wank. (more like hand and knees, right?) Oh look, there’s my ass all up in the camera. Jerk, jerk, jerk. This is not enough…. i want more friction. DING goes the light bulb… Simon goes missionary with the carpet and humps earnestly for like a minute, then he’s back on his back, jerk jerk jerk… and then it ends…..

I must obtain the full clip, if indeed there is one which contains the money shot. I didn’t go through all that shock and awe to be left with proverbial blue balls. I want the shot and I want it now! And I have to give Simon props in the endowment area. Nice Simon. Nice. Add that with the beautiful face….boy oh boy.

Oh my. Part of me wants to see this.

Disclaimer: I’m not being all Perez and insinuating that Simon is gay. I guess it was all solo gay porn.


  1. roderick says:

    Where can I get or buy that video that has simon Rex in it? Thanks!

  2. Paul says:

    It’s not just one film.Brad Posey’s Club 1821 did 5, yes thats five films with Simon as the star. Here they are.” Young Hard and Solo II” ,”Young Hard and Solo III” “Hot SessionsIII” Hot Sessions #11′ and “Hot Sessions#12”. He was billed in the credits as Sebastion. I would Like VERY MUCH to know where to buy these. If you know Please e-mail me to let me know!

  3. Paul says:

    Got It ! All of the above videos can be bought at Club be ready to get a second morguage on the house though each vid is $50.00+ shipping and handling. go get em guys!

  4. brian says: has them on sale for 29.99ea

  5. nahum says:

    xtube its free and you dont have to sign up, search videos for “celebrity” oh by the way its on the gay section

  6. diamond says:

    just download ares and type in simon’ll see all his videos
    for free!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Doomster says:

    There are so many web-sites like this! Nothing special and nothing original! I will never come back here

  8. kyle says:

    ur so dam sexy i want to bj u

  9. noob says:

    Humph. Someone has to force me to read this post. It’s too big and boring. Brevity is the sister of talent, remember that.

  10. huiklop says:

    !! ATTENTION !!
    I found Simon Rex sex video at LiNk
    E N J O Y :)

  11. Jason A says:

    My # IS 304-233-2315 I am 6’1 172LBS 9 AND 1 HALF ITALIAN 1/2 NATIONALITY

  12. Jason A says:

    You are hot and would do anything in a porn with u!!!!!!!

  13. Jason A says:

    I think you are hot and you rock.

  14. loser says:

    hey none of the links above work can you post new onesÉÉ

  15. Anonymous says:

    go to gaywatch

  16. your savior says:

    the movie is on, just search “simon rex”

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m a 22 year-old guy… I had a sexy dream of him last night. I went to bed at 2 am in my boxers . I dreamed that I was lying on a heart shaped bed with silk, red blankets and it had rose petals on it and I was naked . I was in a room with handsome men in speedos dancing with poles. Who shows up but simon rex. He had nothing on but silky black boxers he took them off revealing his black pubes and big cock. He climbed on me. Our balls and cocks rubbed against each others. His nipples were to die for, he had such a muscular chest and the colgne or deodorant that he was irresitible to a man and a woman but mostly men he smelled like chocolate. I glazed into those sexy green eyes. He closed them and puckerd up his lips. I did too. We were about to kiss (on the lips)… until my alarm rang at 7 am… I woke up in my boxers but to my surprise I had a bonner that sexy beast gives me a bonner everytime I think of him… I hope he reads this!

  18. Ooo…carpet burn…But really, VJ, actor, rapper, and porn star – at least he’s versatile!

  19. jonathans says:

    WTF!!!!????? he was my favorite rapper. this kinda ruined it for me, Fuck!!

  20. Chase says:

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