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Lindsay Lohan ::Hearts:: Courtney Love

Since I’m loathe to let other news fall through the cracks on Britney Spears (Divorce) Day, I must note that Gawker ran a piece today containing an excerpt from Courtney Love’s new book, Dirty Blonde. The excerpt was an email conversation between C-Lo and LiLo. The subject is the nasty profile Vanity Fair ran on Lohan. If you read very carefully and slowly, it’s almost like they’re using the same English language as I do.

Subject: Keep your chin up
I realise now that as hardcore as it was, it made me alot more interesting and somehow employable. Keep your chin up. Noones giving it a second though. I bet its hard because you’re in it, but just keep creative and surrounded by good people. Courtney

Subject: Re: Keep your chin up
You first off, are so amazing, and introspective and kind and I really admire your perspective on things, as well as you taking the time to be so curteous in my situation and these sickofans that invest in our lives that we work for and aspire to have. People that are so unhappy with their own lives that they have to pry and lie about anothers . . .
But again, you, second off, its really rad that you’re even emailing me and have so much care to give me your insight because you’re bloody fucking genius in all the things you do, amongst all the shit you’ve been through . . .
Can we meet sometimes and talk and chat like normal people so that I can pick your brain?
Also, my mommy says hello and she loves you tons. Hehe :) . . . I need to go to a gym! Peace and Love, Lindsay