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Random Rant: Misogyny at LAX

This has nothing to do with celebrities, celebutantes or gossip, so if you can’t handle some off-topic ranting, please avert your eyes.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m pretty far from a “femi-nazi” label. I mean, I write a gossip blog, for chrissake. I’m not one to hold picket signs or get petitions signed or, god forbid, write my senator. It’s wonderful that there are people out there so invested in women’s empowerment, and I respect and appreciate their efforts, but I am simply not among their ranks.

But I was pissed off today.

I’m at LAX, outside the Southwest baggage claim, when I walk past a set of magazine racks. On the top of one of the racks, I see a big sign that says “WOMEN’S INTEREST,” and beneath it they have all the typical gossip/fashion rags, like Us Weekly, People, InTouch, Cosmo etc. I think to myself, just absently, that it’s kind of bullshit they should so blatantly assume that only women read those magazines. Gay men, anyone? Or straight men who want to know just exactly what a woman can tell about him by the way he’s decorated his apartment? Sheesh.

Next to it is a rack with a sign that says “MEN’S INTEREST.” And I was so pissed off about this that I took a picture with my camera phone. I never do that. But I’ve posted it here, and I’ve circled some of the “men’s interest” magazines available at LAX, the first stop for many on a visit to our great nation. They include:

  • Forbes
  • BusinessWeek
  • CPU
  • Time
  • PCWorld
  • US News & World Report
  • Trump
  • The Atlantic Monthly

Golly gee. I didn’t realize that MBA I’ve been pursuing made me so damn butch. Maybe I should drop out and give beauty school another chance. Thank you to one of the largest international airports in both the country and the world for making that so abundantly clear to me.

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  • so here I am, just looking up old posts and I stumble across this gem! I cant believe no one commented it! I (like you) am not really an “in your face” feminist or anything (not even close) but things like this really piss me off. I cant believe that here in America, we still have gender separation like THIS. I’m surprised LAX hasnt been sued or something. I’m glad you posted this, even though it took so long to get a response from one of your most loyal readers (me) *wink*. Keep doin’ your thang, and keep posting things like this when you feel so inclined. It’s nice for a sheltered Oregonian like myself to see whats going on in the real world lol. those batches!