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Picking up the Pieces: James Lipton is Sooo Not Getting a Bid from Any of the Good Houses Edition

  • Bridget Grish doesn’t care if you look at her tits. Her mySpace page? That’s different.
  • George Clooney is rumored to be dating Ellen Barkin. If you don’t know who Ellen Barkin is, you’re in good company. She’s in Oceans 13 right now, and she’s credited in films going back to 1978 (which is approximately when I’d guess her IMDB photo was taken), but she’s essentially a no-name, and an aging one at that (birth date on IMDB: April 16, 1954). Could it be that George Clooney wants to build a true, lasting relationship with an emotional peer? Hmm. Nah. It’s a really clever PR stunt, though. Way more subtle than inventing a baby.
  • James Lipton from Inside the Actors Studio recites lyrics to “K-Fed Freestyle” on Conan O’Brian. Then he takes a beer bong. Poorly. Like pre-frosh from Minnesota poorly. Thanks to Tiffany at PopCultureWhore for the link.

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